Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Season Underway, Input Costs Increase

The signs "home grown sweet corn sold here" seem to be going up everywhere. WTAP.com more »

Fertilizer, Gas Prices Push Corn Costs Up

New Jersey's signature sweet corn is now in season. But don't be surprised if it costs about a dollar more this year for a dozen delicious ears. nj.com more »

Fuel Costs Take Toll on Farmers’ Bottom Lines

Ghiggeri Stonebarger Farms used to spend $100 to $200 to grow an acre of the Brentwood sweet corn sold throughout Bay Area supermarkets and prized by chefs at some of the Bay Area's top-rated eateries.... more »

’Buy Local’ is More Than Just a Marketing Gimmick

If you're older than 50, you probably remember when "buy local" might have been a slogan you used if you were involved in a boycott of bananas, oranges and iceberg lettuce. Not that many years... more »

Syngenta Announces Plans to Move Some Processing Activities out of Nampa

Syngenta, a Switzerland-based agribusiness with facilities in Nampa and Twin Falls, announced Thursday plans to build a seed processing facility in Pasco, Wash., and move its sweet corn and small-seeded vegetables seed processing out of... more »

Emperor of Mirth Keeps the Fun Coming

Bill Bakan takes fun so seriously at Maize Valley Market & Winery that he refers to himself as the Fun Czar. Besides being serious about fun, he had other reasons for adopting the title. First... more »

Farmers Find More Profit in Selling Directly to Consumers

If you're looking for locally grown sweet corn, tomatoes and zucchini this summer, the local supermarket isn't necessarily the place to go. The Eagle-Tribune more »

Fresh Produce Delivery Service Expanding Reach

Mark Godley recalls a particularly pleasing part of his Connecticut boyhood: walking to a farmer's stand and buying organically grown corn or beans - "which, as I recall, were delicious." Oakland, Calif., Inside Bay Area more »

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