Jul 24, 2020
Bio-stimulant for higher crop yields, securing bee population offered

GROPRO Corp., a U.S.-based producer and supplier of bio crop protection products has recently launched into the agricultural market with a quick and steady stream of products. GROPRO combines enthusiasm and knowledge along with a deep comprehension of the real-world hurdles that growers and the agricultural industry are facing today.

According to a news release, with multiple field trials accomplished in the U.S. and internationally, GROPRO has a proven track record of delivering environmentally safe materials (when used as directed) while allowing growers to augment the conventional agrochemical products used in an integrated pest management (IPM) approach.

It is proven that about 2\3 of human food depends on the action of pollinating insects, so they are vital for the global ecosystem. Last years bees’ existence was under threat as their population is declining globally. So it is important to highlight that Awakening is pollinator safe, ensuring the highest population of bees.

“We are actively developing our product portfolio towards more environmentally efficient solutions. Sustainability is firmly rooted in our entire company’s decision process, from early research to product development. This empowers our development team to produce effective formulations that benefit our dealers, growers, society, and the planet”, emphasized James Ronan, CEO of GROPRO.

Awakening Pollination has had a proven effect on almonds with yield increases from 13 to 21%, cucurbits 15-23%. It also works well on berries, increasing yields from 9 to 18%. Awakening trials showed that the product helps to increase the number of active pollinators being attracted to different crops. This effect has been proven during peak times when pollinators are actively looking for flowers even when other locations are actively flowering.

¨Awakening’s main additive, Propolis, acts as a pheromone attractant. The benefit of Propolis over sugar-based and synthetic-based attractants is Propolis is a natural product found inside hives, promoting an induced superior attraction for bees. Awakening contains much more, such as Auxins, Cytokinins, plus additional supportive bio-stimulants¨ says James Ronan about the product.

Awakening has also been shown to increase stamen hold during stress periods of adverse weather such as wind and rain allowing for pollination to still occur therefore increasing yields and returns on investment.   With these qualities, Awakening can help growers of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and seed crops ensuring optimal growth and yields. Like other GROPRO products, Awakening Pollination is derived using superior technology and formulation while maintaining safety, quality, and efficacy.




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