Jun 3, 2020
California OK’s Syngenta’s Miravis Prime fungicide

Miravis Prime fungicide – developed by Syngenta for broad-spectrum disease control in grapes and other specialty and vegetable crops – was recently registered for use in California, according to a release from the company.

Syngenta LogoThe product had earlier been registered with the EPA, in 2018.

“With dual, highly efficacious active ingredients, Miravis Prime controls those difficult diseases that impact their marketable yield opportunity,” said Raj Iragavarapu, Syngenta product marketing lead for fungicides. Raj Iragavarapu, Syngenta product marketing lead for fungicides.

The combination of fludioxonil and Adepidyn technology in Miravis Prime can help California growers recharge their spray programs and maintain effective control of difficult diseases such as Botrytis and powdery mildew in grapes, early blight in potatoes, and powdery mildew in cucurbits. Adepidyn technology needs fewer in-season applications to deliver long-lasting disease control and increase marketable yield potential.

Since Miravis Prime received registration from the EPA in 2018, growers have had success.

“What has stood out is how powerfully and consistently this family of brands performs, regardless of crop or geography,” said James Hadden, fungicide technical lead at Syngenta.

Miravis Prime’s powerful active ingredients are marketed to deliver on several levels to help boost crop performance:

  • A visible plant health boost through protected photosynthetic capacity, long-lasting water-use efficiency and prolonged greening
  • Heavy accumulation into the wax layer and translocation through the leaves for extended residual control
  • Stable, even distribution on the leaf surface to put up multiple barriers against infection
  • Flexibility to complement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) spray programs
  • Long-lasting disease control that results in higher marketable yield potential and a more efficient harvest

To earn CEU credit and learn about disease management in vegetable crops, Syngenta offers the Miravis Prime Learning Module.

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