Dec 14, 2020
California, Oregon issue stop use orders for Agro Gold WS

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program (FMIP) issued a statewide quarantine and stop use notice for the product Agro Gold WS effective Dec. 4, 2020.

Agro Gold WS is manufactured by Agro Research International LLC.

According to a CDFA news release, “the product Agro Gold WS has been distributed within a co-packed box that also contains the product Weed Slayer, an herbicide also listed as approved for use in organic agriculture.

“The product Agro Gold WS has been found to contain both diquat and glyphosate, both of which are prohibited substances under the USDA organic regulations at 7 CFR §205.105: Allowed and prohibited substances, methods, and ingredients in organic production and handling. California operations have been instructed to discontinue the use of Agro Gold WS on land registered as organic immediately.

“While the reported evidence here relates to Agro Gold WS products found in the State of California, operations in other states should review their use of these products to ensure that they comply with 7 CFR §205.105.

“Any operation using AGRO GOLD WS should evaluate whether they need to update their OSP to reflect the discontinued use of this product. Please notify CCOF if you need to make any updates to your OSP Materials list in response to this notice.”

See the California stop use notice here.

Oregon issues stop use order

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has issued a statewide stop sale, use and removal order notice for Agro Gold WS which is labeled as an organic soil amendment product.

According to a news release, “ODA tested samples of the product and lab analysis detected pesticide active ingredients, glyphosate and diquat. Both were undeclared ingredients in violation of Oregon’s fertilizer and pesticide laws, and both are prohibited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program for use in organic production. Continued use of Agro Gold WS in organic production may jeopardize an operation’s organic status.

“Glyphosate and diquat were not identified on the Agro Gold product label. Both ingredients are herbicides used to kill broadleaf plants, grasses and weeds. Growers of all crops are advised to discontinue using Agro Gold WS until further notice. Those affected may submit a Report of Loss (ROL) form to ODA. For information on how to submit a ROL please visit the ODA Pesticide and Fertilizer Program online and refer to the Report of Alleged Loss Due to Pesticides Form.

“Dealers and retailers in possession of Agro Gold WS must immediately cease offering the product for sale or distribution. Furthermore, they should hold the product and remove it from locations readily visible or accessible to the public and contact ODA for disposition instructions.

The product disposition must be first approved in writing by ODA. For additional information about this process or additional questions, contact ODA at (503) 986-4635.

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