Oct 30, 2020
Cidetrak from Trécé controls India meal moth, related pests

Trécé Inc., a manufacturer of pheromone and kairomone based insect trap and lure based monitoring systems and mating disruption products for insect control, announced the introduction of a new mating-disruption (MD) product designed to control five of the most destructive moth pests that attack agricultural commodities in processing, manufacturing and storage facilities.

The new offering, Cidetrak IMM MEC, is a novel microencapsulated (MEC) sprayable formulation that provides mating disruption control of Indian meal moth (IMM), Plodia interpunctella; tobacco moth Ephestia ellutella; almond moth, Cadra cautella; raisin moth, Cadra figulilella and Mediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella.

“Cidetrak IMM MEC is an excellent addition to Trécé’s rapidly growing stored product and pest control operator (PCO) line of mating disruption and traps and lures for insect monitoring,” Bill Lingren, Trécé owner and founder, said in a  news release. “The new formulation also provides exceptional ease of use because it produces no harmful or unsightly residues, is non-toxic and requires no facility shut-down or re-entry interval – when sprayed alone at the full rates.”

Trécé noted that the novel formulation also is fully compatible with other products, suspends and mixes well – and is very easy to measure and pour with a modern, well designed, tip-and-pour container.

“Cidetrak IMM MEC provides an outstanding level of long-lasting efficacy for IMM and related moths when used alone,” said Trécé Stored Products and PCO Market Manager James Miller. “It is also extremely versatile, because it can be tank-mixed with conventional insecticides and/or insect growth regulators and used as a spray or aerosol to widen the range of control.”

The new product, which can be used alone or with Trécé’s successful Cidetrak IMM solid MD dispenser, will be sold through the company’s distribution partners who currently offer the company’s Storgard product line of insect monitoring traps and lures. 

“Trécé encourages PCOS to explore the advantages of Cidetrak IMM MEC and other Trécé products by visiting our exhibit at Pest World – or by contacting us through our  website at www.Trece.com,” Miller said.

Most states already have registered Cidetrak IMM MEC. Registration and organic approval are pending in California.

Oklahoma-based Trécé Inc. is an organization that develops, manufactures and markets insect pheromone and kairomone based products designed to respond to customer needs, protect food production and preserve the environment. The Trécé product catalogue currently contains more than 100 species-specific, pheromone-based kits, attractants and lures, and a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack standing and stored crops.

These products are marketed under the internationally respected Pherocon, Cidetrak and Storgard brands.

As an Oklahoma-based company with international reach, Trécé is dedicated to conducting business in a manner that ensures a net economic benefit for the employees, customers and local and global communities who make its growth and success possible.


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