ToBRFV-infected leaves

May 16, 2023
Company recalls tomato seeds with ToBRFV

A New York seed company has recalled Brandywise tomato seeds after finding they have been infected with tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV).

Fruition Seeds, Naples, New York, announced the recall May 5 and has been contacting customers who purchased the tomato seeds. The affected lot is Ns10-II-br; no other Brandywise lots or other varieties are included in the recall.

The seeds were shipped between Dec. 20-May 4, according to Fruition Seeds. The seeds were not produced at the company’s farm.

“As we’ve learned with human virus transmission, healthy beings can contract diseases quickly, thoughtful collective action is key and we take our responsibility very seriously to grow and share the highest quality seed we are able,” according to the Fruition Seeds statement on the virus.

The company shared links to Michigan State University and Cornell University websites on ToBRFV, and advised those who received the Brandywise seeds to:

  • Throw away (do not compost) any Brandywise seedlings, as well as all other tomato and pepper seedlings that share the same tray.
  • Throw away all potting mix and the tray.
  • Wash their hands before touching anything else.
  • If the seedlings have been planted, remove and dispose of all Brandywise plant tissue, including the full root mass, and disinfect the shovel afterward.

Photo: The tomato leaves on the left have been infected with ToBRFV. Leaves on the right are from a healthy plant. Photo by Kai-Shu Ling, USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

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