Sep 25, 2019
JMT US natural controlled atmosphere widens its range of use

The use of JMT storage bins, well renowned for their ability to naturally create controlled atmosphere conditions, and to minimize weight loss during storage, is perfectly mastered for a range of 10 fruits, 18 vegetables, three cut flowers and also for mushrooms such as chanterelle.

But recent tests conducted by the company and its partners have shown that other fruits and vegetables can also be stored in these bins, in which it is the breathing of the stored product that creates the controlled atmosphere.

Thus, the latest storage results for garlic have been very conclusive, with excellent quality after 10 months of conservation. With, especially, a very interesting effect to limit clove germination.

JMT US parsley storage.

Parsnips have also been tested several times, again with very positive results: 100% marketable parsnips after 4 months of storage, with a weight loss in modules limited to 1% (compared to 20% in conventional cooling!)

Trials on the storage of parsley are also underway, with the objective of maintaining freshness for several weeks.

The fruits are not to be outdone, since the interest of storage in CA modules has been confirmed for the pomegranate.

The company will be present at the next PMA Fresh Summit, Oct. 17-19, in Anaheim California, on the stand of their partner Macro Plastics.

Specialized in flexible controlled atmosphere, JMT US brings innovative solutions to organic and traditional growers, to increase the shelf life of their fresh produces. Thanks to this patented technology, product of many years of research by M. Pierre Janny (CEO of the company), producers get more flexibility to manage their sales, and can get access to prices or markets they could not reach beforehand, without having to change anything to their regular cold rooms.


Photo at top: JMT US garlic storage at 10 months.

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