Jun 30, 2021
Joint venture to produce ‘breakthrough’ in controlled environment agriculture

Irving, California-based Aeroponics Integrated Systems, Inc. d.b.a. AeroBloom, and Petro Control Systems Inc. announced a joint venture that will produce an advanced controlled environment agriculture system.

Key benefits will include AI-based predictive system analytics and smart system controls that will make the AIS/AeroBloom aeroponic cultivation system practically foolproof and capable of serving small to massive commercial agriculture.

AIS/AeroBloom’s aeroponic cultivation system is sustainable, using only 10% of the water used in field cultivation and only 40% of the water used in hydroponic cultivation with no significant toxic water runoff. It also produces 2x to 4x the normal premium crop yield and can decrease time to harvest, allowing at least one additional harvest per year on most crops. Until now, scalability has hampered adoption by large commercial farms.

“We have been sustainably producing 4 pounds of dry trimmed premium cannabis bud per light (4’x4’ canopy space) vs. our competitors’ claims of 1.5 to 2.5 pounds for over a decade and we are successfully doing R&D for crops like tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and other food crops,” Dale Devore, founder, chairman and CTO of AIS and noted cannabis industry aeroponics innovator, said in a news release.

Steve Lazzara, founder and CEO of PCS added “With our advanced AI-enabled control system, we can automate and apply predictive analytics to a nearly unlimited size CEA operation. And our metallurgy on pumps, valves, and lines is the best in the World.”

Both Partners agreed that the time is right for this aeroponic cultivation system to make great strides in sustainable food production via solving problems created by the devastating drought and soil depletion currently threatening to drastically reduce food production in the United States and northern Mexico. Further, the increased production, automation, and low water usage could compensate for the cost of installation within 1 to 3 years, depending on the crop.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the systems will be ready for sale by the first quarter, 2022.

Aeroponics Integrated Systems Inc. d.b.a. AeroBloom (AIS) is an agtech company that developed and manufactures the highest yielding commercial aeroponic cultivation systems for indoor, greenhouse, and field uses. AeroSynergy (Aero-Synergy.com) is their cannabis spin-off. AIS/AeroBloom is currently developing plant-specific variations of its aeroponic cultivation systems for many other crops and purposes – including to address the global food security issues caused by climate change.

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Petro Control System, Inc. (PCS) is a Houston engineering, design and equipment manufacturer with high quality equipment in use throughout the drilling Industry. PCS’s team of experienced professionals includes structural, mechanical, marine, electrical, and software engineers.

PCS’s engineering services are enhanced by the use of AI-based software developed in-house for use in predictive system analytics and smart system controls. PCS has serviced the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years with decades of experience in petro-chemical, onshore and offshore oilfield, and aerospace with over 1,000 pieces of equipment worldwide, and even parts in the International Space Station.

PCS has 15 oatent claims awarded for Reset Relief Valves designs, among other Patents. Predictive analytics is incorporated in all PCS equipment and can be used with legacy systems.

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