Oct 18, 2016
Michigan ag department names specialty crop grant awardees

Michigan recipients of the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program have been named by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).

“Each of these projects will help enhance of the growth of Michigan’s food and agriculture industry,” said Clover Adams, MDARD director. “We look forward to working with the grantees on the successful outcomes of their work.”

Below is the list of Michigan recipients, with a maximum award of $100,000 each:

Celery Research, Inc. – $95,280. Evaluation of Antimicrobial Treatments to Effectively Control Listeria Monocytogenes, Salmonella sp. and STEC Escherichia coli on Celery Stalks.

Cherry Marketing Institute – $100,000. Maintaining Competitive Advantage against Imports: Introducing Montmorency Tart Cherries, the Cherry with More.

Hop Growers of Michigan – $76,415. Hop Quality Improvement, Training and Verification Program.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College – $97,414. Supporting Specialty Crop Growers in Business Development and Food Safety to Supply Institutional Customers.

MBG Marketing – $95,335. Development and Demonstration of Best Management Practices to Reduce Blueberry Gall Wasp Impacts in Michigan.

Michigan Apple Committee – $61,448. Building on Success: Engaging Fresh Apple Consumers Social Media.

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board – $84,631. Delivering a Sustainable Production System to Michigan Asparagus Growers.

Michigan Bean Commission – $99,998. Dry Bean Disease Induced Yield Constraints Associated with High Performance Production Systems.

Michigan Carrot Committee – $98,707. Integrated Nitrogen, Disease, and Weed Management Strategies in Carrots.

Michigan Onion Committee – $99,885. Assessing the Role of Onion Thrips and Nutrients in Bacterial Leaf Blight in Michigan Onions.

Michigan Potato Industry Commission – $99,805. Developing Tools to Identify Post-Harvest Quality Traits for Commercial Chip-Processing Potatoes.

Michigan Tree Fruit Commission – $99,753. Development of Mobile Ready Products and Frost Control Decision Support Tools for Michigan Fruit Growers.

Michigan Agritourism Association – $85,219. Educating Specialty Crop Direct Marketers on Best Practices in Consumer Communication & Education.

Michigan Cherry Committee – $99,996. Refining Spotted Wing Drosophila Management Practices in Michigan Cherries.

Michigan Integrated Food and Farming Systems – $100,000. Staying Competitive: Launching a Database of Farmer Food Safety Complaint Practices.

Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association – $79,799. The Worst of the Worst MI Nursery Weeds: Evaluation of Adjuvant & Herbicide Combinations.

Michigan State Horticultural Society – $48,300. Developing Apple and Cherry Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) Management Tools to Protect Domestic and International Markets.

Michigan Farmers Market Association – $99,928. Promotion, Marketing, and Consumer Education to Enhance the Competitiveness of Michigan’s Specialty Crops.

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