Feb 22, 2021
Smart Water Use on Your Farm or Ranch a new guide from SARE

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education’s (SARE) newly revised Smart Water Use on Your Farm or Ranch discusses how producers are using innovative methods to improve water-use management.

Smart Water Use on Your Farm or Ranch is available for free in print and for download; it is particularly useful to farmers and educators considering innovative approaches to agricultural water use.

Incorporating water management techniques is crucial to the success of agricultural production. Producers can maximize production efficiency, regenerate their soil and conserve water by using techniques such as crop rotation, drip irrigation and conservation tillage.

Part one of Smart Water Use examines how soil management strategies, such as cover cropping, adding organic matter and conservation tillage, can build soil health, improve soil structure and boost the waterholding capacity of soil. Part two discusses plant selection, crop rotation and livestock management strategies. Part three highlights how irrigation and drainage systems can be used to better manage water use in cropping systems.

Download or order your free print copy of Smart Water Use on Your Farm or Ranch at www.sare.org/resources/smart-water-use-on-your-farm-or-ranch/ or by calling (301) 779-1007. Smart Water Use on Your Farm or Ranch is available in quantity for free to educators for use in educational workshops, classes or tours.

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