Aug 16, 2020
Strawberries lead the way as top crop in Ventura County, California

Ventura County, California, Agricultural Commissioner Edmund E. Williams on July 28 released the 2019 Ventura County Crop and Livestock Report.

According to Williams, the report reflects gross values only and does not represent the net return to growers or the multiplier effect on the local economy.

From these totals, growers pay their workers, water, fuel and electricity bills, bank loans or land leases, insurance, taxes, equipment, materials and all other farming costs.

The estimated gross value of Ventura County’s agriculture for calendar year 2019 is $1,990,100,000. This represents an overall decrease of 5% in comparison to 2018.

Strawberries were again the No. 1 crop at $508,371,000, but decreased by 24% from 2018. Celery, for the first time moved up into second place, displacing Lemons, with a value of $243,455,000, increasing by 18%. Lemons dropped into third place with a value of $211,104,000, decreasing by 14%. Raspberries rose to fourth place with a value of $203,538,000, increasing by 11%. Nursery Stock dropped to fifth place with a value of $187,467,000, decreasing by 4%. Avocados remained in sixth place with a value of $116,981,000, and increased by 12%. Tomatoes remained in seventh place with a value of $46,485,000, but decreased by 5%. Cut Flowers remained in eighth place, with a value of $46,153,000, but decreased by 5%. Peppers remained in ninth place, with a value of $42,880,000, but decreased by 1%.

Hemp, a crop that was reintroduced into Ventura County in 2018, replaced cabbage as the 10th-leading crop, with a value of $35,460,000.

View the crop report here.

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