Oct 13, 2021
Top Seeds International launches Fanello, its first mini-plum tomato

The Italian division of Top Seeds International, the global vegetable seed company that specializes in the development, production and distribution of innovative, high-quality hybrid varieties, is launching on the market its first mini-plum tomato, Fanello, the outcome of more than four years of research.

As well as ensuring the yield, quality and fruit appearance needed to be competitive on the market, TSI Italia has concentrated on flavor in particular in the development of this variety, grown so far in Sicily and being launched now. “The mini-plum tomato market is strongly focused on flavor, and Fanello meets this need in full, actually raising the bar. In fact, Fanello is characterized by an impressive sweetness of up to 11 degrees Brix, one of the higheston the market in this category,” Fabrizio Iurato, product developer and sales reps of TSI Italia, the commercial subsidiary of Top Seeds International, said in a news release.

The shape is that of the true data tomato, very similar to the fruit after which it is named, and the color is intense, shiny red, with noticeable green parts and absolutely none of the unpleasant stalk odors sometimes found in this type. Amongst its other characteristics, Fanello also has a very low dropping rate; in other words, fruit stay firmly attached to the stalk. The generously sized stalk also helps to maintain freshness, including in appearance: Fanello has a lengthy shelf-life, with fruit staying firmer for longer.

From the growing point of view, Fanello is particularly versatile, since it can be transplanted at different times of year, from September to late May, with harvesting from November to August. After the trials in Sicily, growing of Fanello also began in central Italy in February-March of this year.

“Fanello is the name of a part of Vittoria (a town near Ragusa, Sicily) where the fruit and vegetable market is held,” said Rosario Privitera, Area Manager for Central-Southern Italy. “We intend this name to celebrate Sicily and the area where this tomato originated, and to help to promote it worldwide.”

Top Seeds International is an international company specializing in research and marketing of innovative hybrid varieties of high-quality vegetables. Founded in Israel in 2003, it operates worldwide through companies in Spain, Italy and Mexico. Since May 2017, Top Seeds International has been owned by the group Mitsui & Co Ltd.

The company’s aim is to guarantee high yields and excellent-tasting fruit by selecting varieties with genetic resistance to a wide range of diseases. Through continuous field research, the company’s geneticists, agronomists and technicians select the best varieties of many different vegetable species in terms of resilience and profitability, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, melons and watermelons. The company works closely with its customers in developing innovative varieties and concepts with the aim of meeting all their needs.

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