Haygrove High Tunnels Brit Tour

Join Kimberly Warren, associate publisher, as she tours some British Haygrove High Tunnel operations Oct. 1-5. She will be blogging about the experience, sharing photos and stories from the tour. Be sure you find Vegetable... more »

Fall-tillage tips for vegetables

Decisions about how and whether to till vegetable fields in the fall are complex and depend on balancing soil, nutrient, pest and economic considerations. Fall tillage is helpful for managing many pests of vegetables and... more »

Love wins for Massachusetts farm family

For Glenn and Karen Cook of Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, Mass., love is at the heart of everything they do - from the crops they grow to the customers they serve. And it shows."It's... more »

Bumblebee species might be disappearing

Bumblebees, like their well-known honey bee cousins, are important pollinators of agricultural crops and native plants. But bumblebees are mainly used to pollinate greenhouse plants like peppers and tomatoes rather than field crops.Anecdotal evidence over... more »

Arizona farm reinvents to stay successful

When you think of Arizona, you don't immediately think of fruit and vegetable farming. That is probably part of what has made Schnepf's Farms in Queen Creek, Ariz., successful, according to Mark and Carrie Schnepf.... more »

Mechanization, imports might solve worker problem

The value of California's fruit, nut and vegetable crops was $20 billion in 2009, almost 60 percent of the state's farm sales of $35 billion. California dominates U.S. production of these crops and currently accounts... more »

Tunnels, varieties double UK berry yields

Strawberries are "far and away" the most valuable fruit crop grown in the United Kingdom, said Dave Simpson, who's been breeding strawberries at East Malling Research (EMR), a fruit research facility in East Malling, England,... more »

Farmers weather losses to rainfall

Pumpkins lie in soggy patches on the Durr Farm, ripe with white mold or already rotting from the bottoms.Fields of giant golden sunflowers that once stood tall and swayed gently on the Chesterfield farm now... more »

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