May 25, 2023
UPL introduces two pesticides to North America

UPL, Cary, North Carolina, has introduced two insecticides, SHENZI 700 WG and SHENZI 400 SC, to the North American market.

SHENZI 700 WG and 400 SC provide growers with proven solutions to protect crops against insect pests and resistance while minimizing environmental impacts. The active ingredient chlorantraniliprole targets pests while having minimal impact on beneficial insect populations, such as honeybees and other pollinators. SHENZI’s concentrated formulation allows lower dosage, less packaging and reduced storage space to improve efficiency, ease handling and reduce farmer costs.

“With SHENZI, growers can have high confidence their crops are protected from even the most challenging pests with excellent resistance management making them ideal integrated pest management partners for rotational programs,” David Davies, marketing manager for UPL, said in a news release. “Our SHENZI products deepen our ever-growing holistic portfolio of solutions as we support growers in sustainably producing healthy and nutritious crops to feed the world.”

SHENZI 700 WG insecticide controls pests including codling moth, leafminers and navel orangeworm in crops such as pome fruits, tree nuts, citrus, stone fruits, cranberries and grapes. SHENZI 400 SC insecticide offers long-lasting control of pests including armyworm, corn earworm and Colorado potato beetle in crops including potatoes, soybeans, cotton, fruiting vegetables, corn, strawberries and peanuts.

UPL has one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the market, offering growers solutions from preseason to postharvest. Registration of both SHENZI 700 WG and SHENZI 400 SC is pending in the state of California.

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