May 10, 2016
United Fresh announces Innovation Awards finalists

United Fresh has selected 49 new products as finalists for the 2016 Produce Innovation Awards. This year’s finalists will compete in five categories for the title of Best New Product at United Fresh 2016, June 20-22 in Chicago. Attendees will be able to vote for those winners during the trade show.UnitedFreshlogo

The winner in each category will be determined by total votes received as of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 22. United Fresh will announce winners at the Membership Booth on Wednesday, June 22 at 3:00 p.m.

Here are the 2016 Produce Innovation Awards finalists, with descriptions of nominees as provided by United Fresh.

Best New Food Safety Solution

Interactive Handwashing Training
LGMA Tech (a part of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement) – Booth #2548
Hand washing is a critical food safety practice in the production of fresh produce crops.  This Apple and Android app provides interactive training for workers on proper hand washing and glove usage.  It is available in English and Spanish, free to download and can be delivered anywhere.

Lightning NFC In-Transit Temperature Monitoring System
Cargo Data Corporation – Booth #1446
Lightning NFC brings smart technology and transparency to in-transit temperature monitoring and arrival quality documentation. As soon as the Lightning NFC temperature recorder is retrieved by Receiver/Inspector, it’s held back to back to a smartphone or tablet for instant data transfer and viewing of the full temperature chart and details.

FarmLogix, LLC – Booth #2460
CloudSlot maintains full chain of custody transparency for all participants in the supply chain with a low-cost FSMA-compliance tool for farmers, virtual slot segmentation for distributors, and a by-farm online order entry system for customers. Unique SKU-mapping delivers metrics, both nationally and by location, by farm, product, spend and miles.

Locus Traxx Worldwide – Booth #1614
The 60-day battery life of the GO XL Lux helps you monitor the temperature and location of your cargo as it travels across the world. This innovative technology senses light, alerts you when your products are at risk on the road and records when doors are opened at the dock.

NatureSeal First Step+ 10
NatureSeal, Inc. – Booth #1811
A produce wash comprised of organic acids and hydrogen peroxide for whole and cut fruits and vegetables. Co-developed with the USDA, this patent-pending, FDA-approved solution is an easy to handle alternative to chlorine. It is highly effective against pathogenic bacteria and OMRI listed for use on organic produce.
RedLine Solutions – Booth #2250 is a web-based tool enabling grower-shippers to achieve supply chain visibility, while increasing productivity. Operated through intuitive multilingual interfaces, which support fast, error free data collection and real time knowledge of inventory volumes and locations. The system addresses labeling needs, manages packing operations and enables order validation.

Best New Fruit Product

Bing Crisp
Bing Beverage Company – Booth #1447
Made with both Bing Cherry and (three different types of) Apple juices, Crisp is the newest addition to the Bing lineup. Unique and refreshing Crisp is lightly carbonated and moderately caffeinated. Made with natural colors and flavors, 5 B-Vitamins, and 100% Vitamin C. The full lineup of Bing beverages are diabetic-friendly with low sugar and low calories.

Crunch Pak Blendz
Crunch Pak – Booth #1832
Crunch Pak Blendz is pure fruit puree packaged in a squeezable pouch featuring licensing from Disney, Marvel and Lucas films. Our pouches are just fruit and Vitamin C. No added juices, concentrates or sugars, so parents can feel good about providing something healthy with characters kids are excited about.

Smuccies Sweet Strawberries
Mucci Farms – Booth #2232
Smuccies Sweet Strawberries are bursting with delicious strawberry flavor! Perfect as a sweet snack, in salads or smoothies, these tasty treats are greenhouse grown in Canada and always in season.

Pro2 snax
Reichel Foods – Booth #2226
A combination of fresh sliced apples, nuts, dried fruit, cheese and proteins packaged in single-serve stay fresh trays. 6 flavor combinations available.

Garden Highway Tropical Juicing Kit with Ginger
Renaissance Food Group – Booth #1226
Garden Highway’s Tropical Juicing Kit is a flavorful combination of red & green apples, juicy pineapple, zesty lemon, and fresh ginger. This 15.75 oz kit features premium labeling and juicing instructions, which suggest pairing with greens. This Kit is one of seven in a family of Garden Highway Juicing Kits.

Best New Packaging

Cherry Pop-Top Lid
CMI – Booth #1741
CMI’s Signature Sweet cherry pop-top lid offers retailers a unique way to market Red and Rainier cherries. To create an impactful display, simply pop the lid open and lock it in place to reveal sweet, juicy cherries inside. This package is the first of its kind and will revolutionize the way cherries are displayed at retail.

Good Foods Grab & Go Snack Packs
Good Foods Group, LLC – Booth #1653
Good Foods Grab & Go packs are made with simple, real ingredients (like fresh hand-scooped Hass avocados) and are high pressure processed (HPP) to capture flavor and maintain freshness. Four varieties: Chunky Guacamole, Avocado Tomatillo Salsa, Mild Salsa and Artichoke Jalapeno Dip. Conveniently packed in single-serve ergonomic cups – PET #1 for easy recyclability.

readyripeTM lite watermelon pouch
Maglio Companies/The Fresh Group LTD – Booth #1533
The readyripeTM lite watermelon pouch, based on our patented and award winning technology and design, is made for the in-store production market. It offers 5 day self-life, enables the retailer to reduce production expense, provides the consumer greater flavor, quality and convenience and increases the retailer’s profits.

SUNSET Minzano
Mastronardi Produce/SUNSET– Booth #1626
SUNSET Minzano is a mini San Marzano, perfect for creating fresh and flavorful pasta sauce, and packed in a sleek resealable stand up bag.

CuteCumbers Reseal Flow Wrap
Mucci Farms – Booth #2232
This package takes flow wrap to a NEW Level. A clear, recyclable and stackable tray with resealable flow wrap. A Fresh new look, with kid friendly graphics.

The TomBar & The TomBox
NatureFreshTM Farms – Booth #1238
The TomBar creates a unique & interactive shopping experience for consumers who are looking to hand select their greenhouse grown tomatoes. With its mobility, The TomBar delivers a destination experience in the produce department. Made from 100 percent recycled paperboard, consumers hand pick & pack their tomatoes in to The TomBox.

Naturipe’s Compostable Organic Top Sealed Blueberries
Naturipe Farms LLC – Booth #1418
Naturipe’s molded, pulp fiber tray is top sealed, compostable, recyclable and made from renewable resources; aligning with Naturipe’s Cultivate with Care™ program and reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship. The natural color and feel of the sustainable material also helps retailers differentiate their organic displays and resonates with today’s organic shopper.

Fruit Tubes by Buddy Fruits
Buddy Fruits – Booth #1442
New Fruit Tubes by Buddy Fruits bring the tube packaging that revolutionized the kids’ yogurt category to Produce! These innovative Fruit Tubes are filled with Buddy Fruits’ blended purees and then sealed fresh in a shelf-stable and freezable tube – making them a perfectly fun and convenient lunchbox companion!

Cloud 9 – The Tomato You Can’t Resist!
Pure Flavor – Booth #1814
Do you ever wonder what farmers do with all the tomato plants when the season is over? Now, there’s a solution! This package is an all compostable recyclable paper tray made from tomato plants, filled with the irresistible cherry tomato that’s been the talk of the town!

elevAte Superfood Salads
Ready Pac Foods – Booth #1852
Made with nutrient-dense organic greens combined with ancient grains, plant-based proteins, nuts, legumes, seeds and antioxidant-rich berries—the 8 varieties include Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA organic and certified gluten-free recipes.

Picnic Pak Grape Tomatoes
Red Sun Farms – Booth #2021
The Picnic Pack is ready for celebrating, in a convenient family size serving. Our delicious grape tomatoes are perfect for summer picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings. In a 2x10oz portion; this two pack format allows for traditional family style portions or can be combined to accommodate large celebrations.

Sunkist 1 lb. Meyer Lemon Pouch
Sunkist Growers – Booth #1521
The convenient newly designed 1 lb. pouch bag is the centerpiece of our campaign, commanding attention in the produce department with bright, colorful graphics, a handle for easy transport, and a flat base that stands up in the refrigerator for easy access.

Frieda’s Adorable Kumquats
Frieda’s Specialty Produce – Booth #2214
Frieda’s introduced its 8-ounce Adorable Kumquats resealable stand-up pouch in February 2016, to join its lineup of new specialty citrus pouches (Meyer Lemons, Seedless Lemons and Pink Lemons). Frieda’s branded line stands out on the shelf with bold, playful copy, making it easy for retailers to add variety and interest to displays.

Best New Packing/Processing Equipment

Roller Wash Conveyor
Palcon Systems, Inc – Booth #2310
Used to convey and wash product being loaded in a low-care area and conveyed to a high-care area for further processing. Creates an even-flow product stream to a trim conveyor. Recirculates the wash water while filtering large contaminants. Gently rotates round products to ensure all surfaces are washed.

Internet Fresh-Cut Flowers Flowpack for Home Delivery
PerfoTec BV – Booth #2450
This new packaging technology is a breakthrough for the delivery of fresh-cut flowers through internet ordering. The flowers remain fresh and hydrated inside a special flowpack, and they remain in sleep until the consumer opens the pack and puts them on the vase.

Model XY-RJ VFFS Bagger
Triangle Package Machinery Company – Booth #2611
Model XY-RJ is a vertical form fill seal (vffs) bagging machine designed to produce a wide variety of bag styles. With an easily rotatable sealing jaw, packagers can run pillow, 3-sided seal, gusseted, and Doy bags. Optional Ultrasonic sealing provides additional benefits, such as improved production and product quality.

Automatic Spiralizer Mod. Streamer
Turatti SrL – Booth #2400
The innovative Mod. Streamer from Turatti transforms fruits and vegetables into exciting products that looks like the famous Italian “Spaghetti” or “Tagliatelle” without the calories! This amazing system brings excitement to the vegetarian plate and thanks to its patented design can process automatically large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

Volmpack AutoPack
Volm Companies, Inc. – Booth #1619
The Volmpack Autopack is a fully automated solution for filling paper or mesh bags up to 100 pounds and as small as 10 pounds. This versatile combination machine automatically places the bags to fill, reducing the need for manual labor. One machine for bulk bagging and filling consumer packages!

Best New Vegetable Product

2ct PERSONAL Spaghetti Squash
Bay Baby Produce/AMF Farms – Booth #1962
A vibrant yellow personal sized spaghetti squash in a 2 count bag. A perfect meal in a bowl, the slightly sweet tender meat elevates the flavor in any dish. Try it with the delicious Southwestern recipe included in the bag it’s healthy, fast and fun to make. Your friends and family will love it!

Crunchies Freeze Dried Beets
Crunchies Natural Food Company – Booth #1441
Crunchies Freeze Dried Beets are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. They are rich in flavor, vibrant in color and have a phenomenal crunch. As a trending superfood, Crunchies Freeze Dried Beets are the perfect healthy on-the-go snack!

Dole Chef’s Choice Caesar Salad Kit
Dole Fresh Vegetables – Booth #1800
Dole Chef’s Choice Caesar Salad Kit combines fresh mini romaine with traditional toppings for a restaurant-quality salad. The kit includes two heads of romaine, Parmesan Cheese, croutons, Dole’s signature dressing and pepper. With the new Dole Salad Kit, it’s easy to create a grilled or chopped Caesar salad in minutes.

Dolce Mix
Double Diamond Farms – Booth #1650
Rosso Dolce has been such a hit for Double Diamond Farms that we are now offering a mix of red, yellow and orange sweet long peppers. Superbly sweet and colorful, the Dolce Mix is great for grilling, roasting, slicing for sauces or adding unbeatable flavor and color to any salad.

Sunflower Crisp Chopped Kit
Fresh Express – Booth #2026
Discover a refreshing way to get your daily protein with our Sunflower Crisp Chopped Kit. Dry roasted edamame, sunflower seeds and toasted quinoa provide 7 grams of protein to a mix of kale, romaine and cabbage. Finish with a sweet onion dressing for a family meal that’s easy and delicious.

Wholly Guacamole
Fresherized Foods – Booth #1241
Say hello to three new products of your favorite Wholly Guacamole! These flavors combine the classic taste of guacamole you love with a fun and exciting twist on flavor! From a kick of spicy, to a refreshing taste of lime, you’re in for a new taste of your favorite guacamole.

Windy City Crunch
Gotham Greens – Booth #1541
Gotham Greens’ Windy City Crunch product is a unique lettuce variety with crunchy stems and tender leaves that are characterized by the crispness of the traditional Iceberg or Romaine but even more packed with flavor and nutrients. It holds the perfect amount of dressing. Harvested fresh daily from Gotham Greens’ Chicago greenhouse, this packaged salad is a true Chicago original.

Green Giant Fresh Vegetable Blends
Green Giant Fresh – Booth #1641
New Green Giant Fresh Vegetable Blends make quick, healthy meals a snap. Now available in three mixtures of premium, fresh vegetables— Asian, Italian and Southwest blends. The ultimate in versatility, these new Vegetable Blends offer an infinite number of quick and easy cooking and usage options with virtually no prep.

Live Gourmet Living Baby Romaine Lettuce
Hollandia Produce, L.P. – Booth #1711
Young plant sweetness combined with the crunchy goodness of dark, vitamin-rich leaves is the secret to this variety. With no heart, there’s no bitterness, just lots of life! That’s because it’s harvested with roots-on for longer lasting freshness. Plus, it’s portioned and priced perfectly for one- or two-servings, so there’s no waste, just great taste!

2 pack tomatoes (Vine Ripe or Hothouse), 2pk red peppers, 2pk green peppers, and 2pk red and yellow peppers
Market Fresh Produce – Booth #1862
The new line is a pre-portioned and overwrapped vegetable line with breathable film to preserve the quality and shelf life of the product. Each item includes its own individual tray with a recipe and nutrition facts.

Sunset Tomato of Yore
Mastronardi Produce/SUNSET– Booth #1626
Draped in red, ripened on the vine and bursting with fresh, classic flavor, this tomato is the hero of any dish.

Roterno: Tomato on the Vine
MightyVine – Booth #1256
The Roterno variety is a great tasting, high flavor slicing tomato, used for burgers, sandwiches, and salads. This is a great cut-and-eat tomato, full of vibrant flavor, color and taste and is available all year long.

Naked Leaf Living Lettuce and Herbs
Mucci Farms – Booth #2232
Invigorate meal time with our Naked Leaf Living Lettuce and Herbs. Crisp, refreshing, and alive, we leave the root on to maximize flavor and prolong shelf life. Grown in our state of the art greenhouses, Naked Leaf Living Lettuce and Herbs are great for salads, soups, sauces and sandwiches.

OhioRed Tomatoes
NatureFreshTM Farms – Booth #1238
OhioRed Tomatoes are one-of-a-kind grown exclusively in Delta, OH. This new product is being grown year-round in Ohio for the first time ever in the new state-of-the-art greenhouse complex built by NatureFresh™ Farms. The product was 100 percent sold out before the first crop was picked; rave reviews from customers.

NatureSweet Constellation
NatureSweet LTD – Booth #1209
New NatureSweet Constellation includes a colorful blend of premium NatureSweet tomatoes grown to meet the top four consumer usage occasions – salads, sandwiches, snacking and cooking. Constellation is available in both the retail and club channels, and comes in a resealable and 100-percent-recyclable package.

Living Lettuce
Pure Flavor – Booth #1814
Pure Flavor is setting foot into the living lettuce category with this all-new product, debuting in 2 varieties: Boston Green, and Spring Mix. Everything from the lettuce to the growing medium is 100% compostable, while the innovative bouquet-shaped packaging is recyclable. Consumers can continue watering the lettuce to keep it fresh and nourished until it is consumed.

Ready Pac Bistro Salad Kits with Grilled Chicken
Ready Pac Foods – Booth #1852
Restaurant-quality salads packed with up to 30 grams of protein per bowl and serves 4! Includes premium grilled white meat chicken strips, savory cheeses, creamy dressings and crunchy toppers over a bed of fresh greens.

Love Handles snacking bags
Village Farms – Booth #1838
There are 5 Village Farms Love Handles series snack bags. Each is packed with an exclusive Village Farms variety for convenience in our lovable grab ‘n go bags. At Village Farms we have a handle on healthy snacking!

OUTRAGEOUSLY FRESH Snacking Tomato Jar Bag
The Oppenheimer Group – Booth #1557
Greenhouse grown grape, cherry and mixed medley tomatoes packed in a unique “mason jar” bag. Ideal for kitchen counters and more, re-sealable OUTRAGEOUSLY FRESH jar bags deliver healthy snacking with grab-and-go convenience that’s changing the greenhouse display. 10.5 oz x 12 per case, or in our eye-catching shipper units.


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