Sweet corn

Petroleum, Not Ethanol, Is The Real ’Alternative Fuel’

People a thousand years from now (if there are still people) will probably write (if they can still write) with some amazement about the blip in history that was the 20th century, and the spirit... more »

Bt Corn Cleared in Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has caused much concern among beekeepers nationwide and it is not clear to date what is causing the die-off. Atlanta Tractor more »

Cold, Wet Weather Puts Chill, Damper on Early Spring Planting

Bill Uschock has not yet plowed the Mt. Pleasant Township fields where he intends to plant 40 to 50 acres of corn this year. Daily Courier more »

Kentucky Grower Builds a Retail Destination

Back before Jimmy Dean came to mean sausage, the country singer crooned a tune that contained the line, "that spells Kentucky, but it means paradise." Bill Gallrein Jr. knows what he had in mind. You... more »

Federal Programs Are Worth Billions to Specialty Crops

We've been hearing a lot about specialty crops lately, thanks in large part to the 2007 Farm Bill. In anticipation of the new bill, specialty crop representatives have been making their case to lawmakers in... more »

Ohio Grower Helps Forge New Path for State’s Produce Farmers

During the 1920s and 1930s, potato chip companies relied on Ohio potato growers to supply them with chipping potatoes. Dan Dee Pretzel and Potato Chip Co. built a plant in the midst of the potato-growing... more »

Sweet Corn Isn’t New, But Imporved Taste Is

Perhaps no other vegetable says summer better than sweet corn. Deseret News more »

Growers Assess Damages After Easter Freeze

A visit by Jack Frost on Easter weekend left Virginia's fruit and vegetable crop in a deep freeze with strawberries, corn, peaches and apples suffering some losses across the state. Virginia Farm Bureau more »

Expert Recommends Drip Irrigation for Higher-Return Crops

Growers with higher-return crops should switch to drip irrigation, an irrigation expert advised. "There are so many advantages to using drip irrigation," said Ron Goldy, a Michigan State University (MSU) Southwest District vegetable agent. "If... more »

Agritourism Reaches New Heights at Long Acre Farms

Pilots set their global positioning coordinates to a latitude of 77° 18 feet 45 inches and a longitude of 43° 6 feet 45 inches when they and their passengers want a fun farm experience. Visitors... more »

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