Aug 18, 2023
GL EXPO: ‘Fancy Lady Cowgirl’ and the digital market space

To maintain a thriving business, growers and farm marketers have a number of resources available to them: social media, trade shows, trade publications and — especially — fellow growers.

Courtenay DeHoff
DeHoff, aka Fancy Lady Cowgirl. Photo courtesy of Great Lakes EXPO.

During the 2023 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market EXPO, growers will learn the importance of utilizing the digital market space, how farm markets are beneficial to agriculture and why people should attend roundtables during trade shows.

Courtenay DeHoff, keynote speaker, network television personality and cowgirl, has a passion for agriculture and has taught thousands of people in the industry the importance of sharing their stories to “bridge the disconnect between rural and urban communities.”

With a notable skill set in editing, producing and shooting high-quality content, Dehoff embraces her cowgirl roots and stands out in the world of “cookie-cutter on-camera personalities.”

During DeHoff’s presentation at Great Lakes EXPO, “Storytelling in agriculture: Develop a voice that shifts narratives,” attendees will gain insight and direction into personal branding and how to expand their business through the power of social media, websites and more.

“I want people to walk away from my presentation feeling like they can tackle the digital space — whether it’s social media, websites or digital other platforms, they are so crucial to your business,” she said.

DeHoff will focus on the power of personal branding and how it can grow businesses exponentially.

“I’m going to blow open the doors on what a personal brand is and how people can use it to get their business out there,” DeHoff said. “I want people to feel comfortable utilizing this digital space because the great thing about it is that it’s free.”

Creating social media accounts to connect businesses with the right audience is crucial and DeHoff expresses that anyone can do it — bringing endless opportunities for success.

DeHoff’s personal brand, Fancy Lady Cowgirl, “celebrates women from all walks of life and teaches them to lean into their true identity to reach new levels of success and fulfillment.”

She is a recognized face in the media and is a motivational speaker across the country. She has a passion to give prominence and a voice to the agriculture community.

With more than 250,000 followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, DeHoff utilizes her storytelling skills to prove that being a cowgirl isn’t in the way you look, where you live or the lifestyle you create — it’s a state of mind.

Farm marketing, agritourism benefits

Another opportunity within the agriculture industry is farm markets. Beth Hubbard, board member of the Michigan State Horticulture Society, has her own farm market and understands the importance of them.

“One of the benefits of farm markets is the ability to grow and sell your own products all in one place,” Hubbard said. “When the farm and the market are together, so you can connect the public to the farm. People can learn how things are grown and have a unique great experience on the farm.”

Roundtables grow business, knowledge

Roundtables are another great way to grow and learn more about farm marketing and agritourism. Hubbard encourages attendees to stop by roundtables to get a more personal connection with others at the show.

“When you attend a roundtable it’s a smaller group of people and it’s more informal. You’ll meet people who are very passionate about that particular topic,” Hubbard said. “People are there to help, talk and share their own experiences. It’s a great way to meet people who have related interests. You’ll often find people exchanging business cards and information and following up later.”

Hubbard loves attending Great Lakes EXPO because of all the opportunities it brings, including meeting and networking with new people, learning new things and experiencing the world of agriculture.

“I find that EXPO is always a good time to experience more educational opportunities, meet new vendors, walk the trade show and discover new things that you could use on your farm or in your market,” Hubbard said.

Learn more about Courtenay DeHoff’s session and others at The 2023 Great Lakes EXPO will be Dec. 5-7 at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

— Madi Schafer, contributing editor

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