Aug 14, 2015
SEEDWAY expands vegetable division

SEEDWAY announced several staff additions, organizational changes and product management responsibilities for several staff members.

Wes Houghton joined the company on June 29 after spending many years with Syngent's vegetable seed group. His responsibilities include product management for sweet orn, beans and summer squash and market development.

Nathan Decker will join SEEDWAY on Aug. 17 as a sales manager of the southeast region. Decker is returning to the company after several years with Syngent and Seminis in sales, territory management and key account management roles.

In consideration of a broad geographical footprint and expanding availability of products, product management responsibilities have been reassigned to provide greater focus on products and markets. The following have accepted product management responsibilities; each will retain duties in other areas as defined.

Pam Guigley will provide management for pumpkins, hard squash, gourds, mixed melons and cucumbers. She will continue her roles in advertising, catalog development and trialing.

Butch Brady assumes responsibility for watermelon and pepper product lines. Brady will be responsible for market development and select key accounts in the southeast and mid-south regions.

Debra Deis will manage brassica crops, leafy greens, herbs and miscellaneous minor crops. She will also coordinate SEEDWAY's organic program and contiue to assist with advertising, catalog development and trialing.

Johnny Parker will manage the tomato product line and continue his responsibilities for managing product development staff and activities.

Dean Cotten will retain responsibilities for root and bulb crop management. He willalso continue as manager for the vegetable seed group providing guidance to the product and sales managers.

More information is available on SEEDWAY's website.

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