U.S., Mexico resolve trucking dispute

On July 6, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and his Mexican counterpart signed agreements resolving the dispute over long-haul, cross-border trucking services between the United States and Mexico.The new deal goes back to March, when... more »

Florida strawberry operation expanding acreage

In 1997, Jay Sizemore and Marvin Brown founded JayMar Produce, one of the largest strawberry operations in Florida.JayMar is based in Wimauma, a little south of Florida's traditional strawberry-growing region around Plant City. Sizemore, 62,... more »

Usage, population, sprawl push advancements in irrigation

Plants need water to grow, but as global demand for quality produce has increased in the last 50 years, the need to have the proper amount of water for successful plant growth has increased, too.Waste... more »

Too much water can be bad for strawberries

Water is usually a relatively inexpensive input in fruit production, and many producers have the luxury of supplying more water than is really necessary to obtain a full crop. This is particularly true in the... more »

How do you replace methyl bromide?

Methyl bromide has worked wonders for Florida strawberry growers over the years, eliminating a broad spectrum of pests in a fairly straightforward manner. Stricter environmental controls and an international agreement have slowly phased out use... more »

Reusing plastic helps Fancy Farms

Carl Grooms chose the name Fancy Farms on a whim.Strawberries are one of the neatest crops you can grow. Everything around them should be fancy to accommodate that. It makes the farm look nice for... more »

Florida strawberry experiments conserve water

Several strawberry experiments at the University of Florida's Gulf Coast Research & Education Center in Wimauma, Fla., are finding ways to preserve water.Bielinski Santos, a vegetable and small fruit horticulturist, described some of the experiments... more »

Strawberry genome may lead to cheaper berries

Farmers have long struggled with getting ripe strawberries to market in good shape, but scientists say the recent mapping of the wild strawberry's genome may help them produce berries that are cheaper and easier to... more »

Machine makes it easier to pick strawberries

Some strawberry growers in southeastern Pennsylvania had a problem: The picking season in those parts lasts roughly four to six weeks, from mid-May until late June or so, and the strain of constantly bending over... more »

Get farm market advice from jolly old England

Do you feel you've run out of new ideas for your farm market? Have you been a regular on the U.S. and Canadian farm market bus tours, and in some ways feel like you aren't... more »

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